Garden Maintenance

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Gold Leaf Gardens offers a service agreement for regular maintenance and care. It is the perfect solution for you who just wants to enjoy the gardens look, with the smell, peace and bird song. 

Garden Refuse Removal


Gold Leaf Gardens is able to take care of that unwanted refuse you want to get removed.

Irrigation Systems


Gold Leaf Gardens provides an efficient irrigation system which is only of the best quality

Tree Felling

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GoldLeaf Gardens only use the very best cutting and safety equipment and our highly trained and experienced team will always ensure that the safety of you & your property remain their priority.


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Gold Leaf Gardens are able to deliver top soil, lawn dressing and compost to help boost the condition of your garden and balance the ecology needed for a healthy looking garden and plants.

Clean Ups


Fast growing gardens can quickly become messy and overgrown, requiring trimming, pruning and the removal of branches, and deciduous trees drop masses of leaves in Autumn.